God is faithful in every season

This morning I saw photos (through our friend Don Hayes) of a couple who had been cooking for Samaritan’s Purse in Alaska. My first thought was, “Diane and I could do that!” We almost went to Alaska in 2010 through my seminary. I had to take a trip to another culture and, while it goes without saying that Alaska is part of the United States, it does have a native culture there that United Theological was going to learn about. Diane and I ended up going to Ghana in Africa, instead, but Alaska had always been on our radar.

The older I get the less likely it becomes that we will go to Alaska to cook for Samaritan’s Purse. Whatever our desires, all that ever matters is what God wants for us. If we forced it and it was not what God wants, in the end I do not believe it would turn out well for us. Looking back on the seasons of our lives, I can say that as we have trusted God, He has not failed us. I remind myself of this as we continue in this season, even as I dream of what a season in Alaska would be like.

I share this with you today to assure you that wherever God has you,and whatever season He has you in, He is faithful and He will not fail you. And while it is OK to dream, we cannot neglect to serve Him in this season. Which reminds me, it is time to go meet Diane so we can get some shoes ready to give away for Jesus in Short Gap.

(photo from Facebook of Glenn and Donna Quarles)

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