Jesus meets our needs

Last night was our church’s night to provide and serve dinner for folks in and around the Union Rescue Mission. We fed about 80 people and we had chapel service for about 50 people after dinner. We also took about 100 pair of shoes and 250 pair of socks for anyone to take as they had need.

One young man, who I see on most of my trips to the mission, approached the shoes, picked up a pair, and gave them the once over. I thought he must not have noticed they were obviously too small for him. He had a nice pair of Puma shoes on, but as you can see in the photo, the tongues were able to flap unrestrained because the he had no shoestrings. I was overwhelmed as I watched him patiently remove shoestrings from a pair of the shoes we brought. He then sat down in the chair and began to thread his new shoestrings through his Pumas. He got up, shook his foot to inspect his now “unflappable” shoes, and walked away satisfied.

It would be an overestimation to think that this young man had his life changed last night by a pair of shoestrings. On the other hand, there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus met the fellow where he was, right there by the railroad tracks, by meeting a pressing need. Last night, with all the needs Jesus met through food and through His Word, I was happy to be there to notice Him also met a need in what most would see as an insignificant way… through shoestrings. I am reminded, and reminding you, to never underestimate the smallest acts of God’s grace, either in your life or to others through your life.

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