Do you love me more than these?

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In the Spring of 2020, through a series of unfortunate and eventually fortunate events, Diane and I were blessed to obtain a beach house in Lakewood Camping Resort. Today’s post is not about our vacation home, which is now, God willing, our vacation home until it becomes our retirement home. This post is about the folks from whom we bought it. We knew they were special. Days before the closing, our friends Greg and Kim Roush, who live at Lakewood, saw Roger Griggs washing the roof. Who does that? He was washing the roof of the home that he knew was already sold to someone else… to people he did not know. At the closing, I felt as if Anne Griggs was selling the home against her will. Looking back, I finally know she was not. Do not get me wrong, I still believe her heart was hurting over the sale of the home they had owned, if I remember correctly, for 14 years. But because she believed it was the will of God, it was her will. They sold the home they loved because the Lord had called them to focus all their time and energy on the Community Kitchen, a non-profit in Bennetsville, SC, that feeds between 150 and 200 people every day. On the day of the closing, I remember her telling us that they knew the Lord was having them get the house ready for someone special. That is a humbling thing to hear.

Diane and I became friends with Anne on Facebook. Every day she writes things like,

“Thank you Bruton Fork Baptist church team for serving 153 people today at the Community Kitchen. Chili dogs, chips, baked beans and pudding. Great job. May God bless you all!

When things go on every day, you sometimes take them for granted. I pass by her posts thinking how sweet that Roger, Anne, and their community are serving people Jesus loves. But she never takes a day for granted, always giving thanks to God as she acknowledges the group who serves a meal that day. I confess that when it comes to Facebook, I have had to quit scrolling. Yet, I often look for Anne’s posts to see the ways she and Roger are serving the Lord. This morning I noticed them advertising a 2004 Cadillac Deville for auction this weekend (or skip the auction and purchase it for $10,000). It is being auctioned off to raise money for a friend of theirs who lost an arm and a leg from sepsis. They are trying to raise $80,000 for medical expenses. I finally figured out it is Roger’s car when I read a conversation.

I immediately began to weep. I wished I had $10,000 to give them so Roger could keep the car. However, I know that would not work. He would just auction it off again. Like their sale of the beach house, they are letting go of something they love because they love God more. I am reminded of Jesus asking Peter if Peter loved Jesus “more than these”. I believe we all have trouble putting God first, placing things, and even people, ahead of Him. Well, maybe everyone else has this problem. It seems like Roger and Anne Griggs are winning that battle.

I know everyone is raising money for so many things. However, if you would feel like God would have you donate to their fundraiser, you can do so here. You can also learn more about their friend.


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