We hope they are not finished with Knobley Road

Knobley Road is a highly traveled winding road in Mineral County, WV. People who have lived out that way for years will tell you stories about walking it. They would advise against walking it today. It has been a paved road for the last 10 years I have lived in the area, as I am sure it was long before that. Everyone was shocked when they recently spread gravel on in. Some are calling it tar and chip, but it y seems like gravel. They even have a sign, “Loose Gravel”. The rumor is they are going to put some kind of coating over it, but nobody I know seems to know exactly how it is going to turn out. Right now those same people who would advise you no longer walk on it might just advise against driving on it, especially if you have an expensive car. For you who clicked on this to learn about the road, I understand have not given you any new information about the road. But I do commiserate.

For you who always read my posts, you know I take something normal and make it a Jesus lesson. Therefore, you you are expecting the pivot now. If the road were a parable from the Bible, it could be the parable of, “The Lord is not finished.” It could also be the parable for, “You never know what the Lord is going to do.” Those two thoughts are really one in the same. I know them both to be true. I know that God is not done. I also know He is a God of Wonders. Being that He is a God of Wonders, I am glad He is not done. he is not done with America, He is not done with His Church, and He is certainly not finished with you and me.

I am sort of anxious to see how it turns out.

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