In You, Lord, I place my trust

Most who know me know I have been going through a retinal problem for the last 6 months or so. I was playing basketball with some kids in the church parking lot when one tried to steal the ball and hit me in the left eye with his head. That led to a partial retinal detachment and two tears, which the eye doctor fixed with laser surgery. It was not long before I had another partial detachment which required surgery. He put a silicone oil in my eye for about 4 months to hold the retina in place and to allow it to heal in the right place. Last week I had a surgery to remove the oil and an air bubble was placed in my eye. Tomorrow I have a follow up. There is much more to all of it, but for the purpose of today’s post the other details are unnecessary. I am not sure how close to normal it will get, but my vision in the surgically repaired eye is improving daily. The doctor has been telling me what he is doing throughout, and I have no option but to trust him. So far, I think my trust has proven beneficial.

Everyone places their trust in someone or something. Some people see a doctor and are wise to seek a second opinion. Some people trust themselves. Some people trust MSNBC and others trust Fox News. Nobody trusts them both, lol. Some people trust in their own goodness. Some trust science. I trust science, but we have learned that science is often manipulated. Some trust fact-checkers. Some trust their feelings, which we know are ever changing. The list goes on.

It makes me think of God and how I trust Him. The disciples trusted Him, except for the times they did not. Once Jesus said to the disciples, “Are you going to leave me, too?” They rightly answered Him, “Where else would we go? You have the words of life.” That is where I find myself. There is so much chaos in the world. It is a strange time we are living through. But as James Earl Jones said in the movie Field of Dreams, “throughout it all there has been one constant…” He was talking about baseball. I am talking about God. I will continue to proclaim Him. I will continue to trust Him. I will continue to speak for the unborn. God loves them. I will continues to speak for kids who are being abused and confused with all the sexual propaganda. God loves them. I will continue to pray for those who think it is right to expose kids to sexual propaganda.

God is the one constant we can trust. He is never changing and He is everlasting. And one day, we will all face Him and give an account to Him for the things we said and the things we did not say. In His mercy, through Christ, we will be forgiven. Yet, that does not give us permission to live in disobedience in the meantime.

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