When God speaks to you

Yesterday I preached about good news. The Scripture I used was the angels coming to tell the shepherds that they had good news for all people. We talked about those for whom the angels came to proclaim the Good News. They proclaimed it for all. We then had some audience participation about who is in the “all”. Those in addiction, living under a bridge, millionaires, prisoners and their guards, and the list went on. The Good News of Jesus is good news for everyone, as the Scripture said. I thought the word yesterday was a powerful gift for the people and for myself. However, I ended with the need to receive the Good News. Forgiveness is not automatically bestowed on people. People must choose to turn to God and turn from their sin. Then, when we receive Jesus as our Savior, we have received the Good News into our lives.

Yesterday I was talking to someone in a difficult season of life. They had spoken with me previously and this was a follow-up conversation. I told them they should watch the sermon. (You can find it here on the church Facebook page. The sermon starts about 20 minutes in.) They later told me they watched it and they felt like I had directed it to them, based on our previous conversation. The person was not upset that I had, but just wanted to verify that it was about them… directed to them. I told them that they were not on my mind when I wrote it or spoke it. Yet, I also told them I was pretty sure that, as a result of their response, God did indeed have me speak it directly to them. Do you see what I am saying? While this person was not on my radar when God gave me the words to write and speak, God gave me the words to reach this person.

When Jesus says, “They know not what they are doing” He is often talking about me… and not always in a bad way. I never know God’s intended impact on people from what I write in a blog, speak in a sermon, or say in a devotion at the mission. While I do not know what I am doing, God knows what He is doing. I simply try to be obedient in what I do and say. God will do with it what He will. And sometimes, it is a blessing when you know He is speaking directly to you.

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