I keep burning cookies

This morning I was making chocolate peanut butter Ritz cookies that do not require baking. I was also baking cookies. When my timer went off I checked the cookies and they needed one more minute. So I went back to the Ritz’s and about eight minutes later I went back to get the burnt cookies out of the oven.I cannot tell you the number of times I have done this. I walk away from the oven thanking I will go back to it in a minute and the next thing you know I am taking burnt cookies out of the oven.

In Romans 7 the apostle Paul complained that he kept doing the same things over and over… things he did not want to do. He also said that the things that he DID want to do, the good things, he failed to do. He then asked the question, “what am I to do?” What are any of us to do when we keep doing the same things over and over that we know we are not to do, and we fail to do many things that we should do.

Paul goes on to say that as wretched as he is, as unable as he is to get himself out of that repetitious disobedience, that hope is not lost because God will deliver him. And God will deliver us. I only wish God would help me to quit burning cookies.

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