God cares about us all

This morning is the foggiest I’ve seen the beach and all my trips here. The beach at Myrtle Beach is sparsely populated on New Year’s Eve day anyhow, and this morning the fog gives the illusion of loneliness. I came upon a woman with two walking sticks. When I saw her the thought came to me that the world doesn’t care if she is standing there or not. The world is indifferent to her presence on the foggy beach. Nature doesn’t care and nobody along the beach cares. Not only does the fog give the illusion of loneliness, it reminds me of the world’s indifference toward us.

The truth is if the world cares about us at all, it is only to use us and to lead us astray. And I know this because the Bible tells me of one who is currently the “ruler of this world”. When the Bible speaks of the enemy of God being the ruler of this world, it’s not a ruler that has total control, but a persuasive enemy that has the power to deceive us. (Think garden, tree, fruit.) This is obviously coming from a deeper place within me. But this my thinking on this dreary, foggy, lonely beach this morning.

Yet, before I have a chance to dwell on the thought, God intervenes and tells me He cares that the woman is there. He tells me He cares that I am here. And God not only talks the talk, God walks the walk. He tells me that He cares, but I know from his Word that He has also shown me that He cares. If He did not care, why would He have created me? And if He did not care, why would He have sent his son to die for me? There are many things that you and I may wonder about God, but we must never let ourselves think that He does not care. To think that He does not care about us is an insult to Him who created us and sent His Son to die for us. Thank You Lord for this reminder that You care about every one of us.

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