When the wife is away

I cannot remember if I am on my second or third tub of french onion chip dip in the last week. I want to say second, but it is probably the third. I naturally eat potato chips with the dip and this is not going to “weigh” favorably for my checkup with my doctor on Thursday. In addition, my doctor will run blood work and the huge influx of chips and dip will not help my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers.

Why all the chip dip in the last week? My wife, Diane, is in Kenya for about 18 days. She cannot stand french onion chip dip, so I only buy and eat it when she is away. When she gets home, all the evidence will be gone. I will even go so far as to make sure there are no empty dip containers int he trash. Jason and Tracy McCoy laugh when I go to Rt. 28 Discount Store and Deli to get dip. They know what I am telling you, that I only have it when Diane is gone.

Early this morning I knew I wanted to post a blog today and was unsure what to write. When I finally settled on chip dip, I was not sure where it would lead. Now, I think where I will end today is the idea of what happens when Diane is not around and relate that to what is happening while it appears Jesus is not around. Believers know that God sees all, the Spirit of God is with us, and we are all accountable for all we do. But non-Believers do not get that while they carry on in their sin, there is a God who is taking it all in and one day they will face Him and give an account. We who have asked Jesus to forgive us and have received the benefit of His payment on the cross will get a pass because our debt has been paid. Those who never repent will be so sorry one day. They will be so surprised to find out that everything they thought they were getting away with, they were not actually getting away with.

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