The purpose of the church

Last night Diane and I took advantage of the beautiful evening by walking three miles around the church parking lot. Not only is our time spent walking good for exercise, but it is also a good time to talk and reflect. One of the things I mentioned last night was the freedom I have to proclaim the truth and grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I do not need to look at public polls and attitudes when it comes to proclaiming the grace and truth of God’s word. On the contrary, the Bible clearly tells us that anyone who preaches God’s word must not be swayed by public opinion.

I read an opinion piece today in which someone from Wisconsin argued that churches must adapt their beliefs if they are to survive in this society… that “the long term health of the church” requires the church to be accommodating to the ways of the world in order to attract the younger generation. The problem in the opinion piece begins by assuming survival is the goal of the church. Then it compounds the problem by stating that compromise is the key to achieving survival.

The purpose of the church is to see people brought from death to life, from rebellion toward God to a child of God, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Whatever so-called “successes” the church has in any measurable means, including finances or attendance, matters not if people remain dead in their sin and trespasses. The church offers nothing useful to humanity if it rubber stamps the ways of the world and does not offer people the choice to be saved from their sin. Any church that is affirming the opinions of a lost world is itself lost.

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  1. Dennis Mickey says:

    Thank You Scott for being bold and proclaiming the truth. I am thankful for the work both you and Diane do for our church and community.

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