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We like like us

I saw they made a robot as lifelike as possible and put it in a London pub.  People were freaked out.  It is one thing to have a “robot” that cleans the floor (as we do in the sanctuary).  It … Continue reading

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Carrying the label

Our church kitchen was remodeled last summer, including new base cabinets.  Naturally, we had a catch all drawer, also known as a junk drawer.  We no longer have a junk drawer.  But in one of the upper cabinets we have … Continue reading

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Not what you bargained for

Last night I went in to turn on the heat for a Women With Faith meeting.  The meeting was at 6:30 at the church in the teen Sunday School room.  While I was in there, I saw an opened bag … Continue reading

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You are Loved by Your Creator

On Friday our roads got sprayed.  Locals know that means snow and/or ice is on the way.  I have heard the road spray contains beet juice.  I have not researched that.  However, the weekend came and went and there was … Continue reading

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No spare tire

It’s funny how things get named.  Think of the term “spare tire”?  We would never name it that today.  We would probably call it an “extra tire” or “emergency tire”.  I have a mini van and the spare tire is … Continue reading

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We all have faith

I listened to a Timothy Keller talk this morning.  It was from a talk he did with Google employees.  He touched upon faith.  Whatever you do, do not say you do not have faith.  He said we all have faith.  … Continue reading

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A dirty little lie – the lies of a 2 year old

Yesterday in church I was talking to an 8 year old about sin and we were talking about lies.  I said her two year old brother had not learned how to lie yet.  Dad chimed in and said that was … Continue reading

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