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Doing an OK job

I read an article about WVU football’s loss to Iowa State.  In the game, starting QB Austin Kendall was injured early and backup QB Jack Allison played the majority of the game.  After the game, Coach Neal Brown was asked … Continue reading

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Confession is good for the soul

Clayton Kershaw has been one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball for quite a while for the LA Dodgers.  However, he has not been so dominating when it gets to the playoffs, or post-season as it is often … Continue reading

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When the offer of grace is withdrawn

This morning I was in Fort Ashby sitting at a green light hoping to turn left with a line of cars coming toward me.  I see a good gap coming up between two cars and I am getting ready to … Continue reading

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Meeting our needs

Today, September 16th, I received the New Hampshire tourism book that I ordered.  On May 20th, Diane and I headed to Hew Hampshire for about 10 days of vacation there.  I ordered a NH tourism book about May 1, assuming … Continue reading

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Evgeni Malkin’s Dog don’t care

Diane has a calendar with Pittsburgh Penguins hockey players and their pets.  As I walked by and looked at it this morning, Diane said, “I need to turn that to September.”  Mr. August was Evgeni Malkin and his dog Bailey.  … Continue reading

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Worth the wait

In March I bought a little bag of Dahlia bulbs at Aldi’s.  I planted them in April and gave some away and kept one.  All summer I have watched it grow to about 2 feet tall, all the while waiting … Continue reading

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Peace in who you are

29 year old NFL quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the sports world on Saturday night by announcing his retirement.  The owner of the team said Luck walked away from an estimated $500,000,000.  That is 500 million dollars.  He said Luck had … Continue reading

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