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God is doing more than you realize

Sometimes I begin to work on a blog post and when I get to three or four paragraphs in, I realize it is not a blog post, but Sunday’s sermon.  That happened this morning.  I got so far into the … Continue reading

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In need of an inside cleaning

This morning I could tell the sunrise was going to be special.  It took me a long time to realize a sunrise is just a sunset in reverse.  Right after the most beautiful sunsets, in minutes the most brilliant skies … Continue reading

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What others think

I took some interesting classes when I went back to college in 2004 to get my undergrad degree.  Among them were a couple of photography classes.  Even though I had been taking pictures for a couple of decades, I still … Continue reading

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Do not accept friend request from the devil – he will hack you

If you have Facebook, you receive messages over and over from well meaning friends (who themselves have received messages from well meaning friends) telling you not to accept friend requests from (fill in the blank), or that they have received … Continue reading

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A fire we do not want protected from

Today the company that checks on our fire extinguishers came for their yearly visit.  I was told that four need recharged and two need to be taken back to the shop.  They will leave us loaners for the two they … Continue reading

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You usually have to earn those

I was at the Union Rescue Mission last week and had a Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief hat on.  One of the guys there told me he had a hat just like that.  I was surprised.  I asked him where he … Continue reading

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I Am Fearless

Last week I was sitting on a covered deck with some others and we saw several wasp nests directly above us.  The homeowner said that when the sun went down he would go out and take care of them.  I … Continue reading

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