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Sometimes it’s up to us to let God bring the good from our bad

Yesterday we went to the beach in Haiti.  It’s the best beach in the region. It truly looks just like other Caribbean beaches. But there are no tourists at the Haitian beach.  Nearly every white person who goes to this … Continue reading

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The Lord will provide

Yesterday we delivered rice and beans to people in the area we’re staying. Everyone went out in the morning and 4 of us went out in the afternoon while the other 5 painted at the school.  I knew that Steve … Continue reading

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What you have earned

Yesterday the two medical members of our team worked at s medical clinic and most of the rest of us worked at a pharmacy counting and separating pills. I was with our medical people when they were told that diabetes … Continue reading

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Share your story here

I’m writing this week from Leogane, Haiti. Diane and I have seven people with us who are experiencing their first trip here and 6 of the are on their first international mission trip. I know some of their friends are … Continue reading

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A problem that’s not going away

Late last night I was checking the church to see if my friend Andy had taken the trash out.  Andy is a Friends Aware client who helps us out by taking Wednesday dinner trash out on Thursday for Friday trash … Continue reading

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Trusting Him Part II

Yesterday’s blog post about buying chicken, running into walls, and God’s providence went viral compared to my usual blog posts.  I know why.  It’s because we all have the same questions. The other night I went out and stood in … Continue reading

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All I can do is trust Him

About a month ago Diane and I were in Aldi’s grocery store and we watched a girl put a big, handwritten pink sign in the meat department.  When she walked away I went over and looked and it said “Chicken … Continue reading

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