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Broadcasting to the world

Some time in the last year Diane was on Facebook and she noticed a friend was broadcasting live. She clicked on it and our friend did not know they were broadcasting live. You could see the phone set on the … Continue reading

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Joy when we need it most

Someone recently told me they decided against having a Christmas party they had been thinking about having.  They said because of some health problems in the family, nobody felt like they had the “Christmas Spirit”.  People get discouraged or depressed … Continue reading

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Fighting unknown battles

How do you like the award winning picture I drew of a turkey?  I was competing against about a dozen others and mine was deemed the best.  I know exactly what you are thinking.  You are not impressed.  You are … Continue reading

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Hanging in there

The other day I was walking across our yard and among the dead leaves and sticks that serve as relics of past life (and hope of future life) poking through the leaves, I saw one little lone plant standing proudly … Continue reading

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Late to the party

Last night I was up a couple of times in the middle of the night.  One time I looked out the front window and there was a raccoon in the front yard looking for food.  We experience a WV wildlife … Continue reading

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Take care of yourself

Yesterday someone left 16 boxes of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios outside the door to the food pantry at Wesley Chapel UMC.  Someone from the food pantry put them on the table in the food pantry.  I noticed a receipt in the … Continue reading

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When it Becomes Second Nature

This morning I drove the ambulance to the scene for the first time without anybody else on it.  Mineral County has a paramedic “chase car” that moves around the county and meets ambulances on the scene, particularly when an ambulance … Continue reading

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