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You have the right to remain silent

I read an article from the Washington Post that basically says two thirds of Americans are staying silent out of fear.  Not fear of the government, but fear of harassment on social media, and I assume fear of losing friends.  … Continue reading

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Fly as low as $29

I get emails all the time from Allegiant and Spirit Airlines because I am on their email lists.  Spirit frequently sends emails advertising up to “33% off, 50% off”, etc.  Allegiant always sends out emails saying, “Fly as low as…” … Continue reading

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No, I have not been hacked

Most of the people who read my blog are on Facebook.  And most of you, like me, have to get so tired of the messages and posts that say, “please tell all your friends not to accept a friend request … Continue reading

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No toilet paper

I took this picture yesterday at a hospital visit.  (To over-share, I actually used that bathroom.)  I took the picture because I thought it was funny.  I guess the person who put it up did not want the next person … Continue reading

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Reap what you sow

We have some sunflowers popping up in a few different places in our flower bed. They are courtesy of a couple of little local chipmunks.  They hide sunflower seeds thinking they will come back to get them later.  They do … Continue reading

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Medic 1 – Help is here

When an ambulance or fire truck from Mineral County leaves the station, whoever is on board notifies the Mineral County 911 center that the vehicle is on the way to the emergency.  In addition, they tell the center how many … Continue reading

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Hard to believe September is almost here

Is it not hard to believe September is almost here…. wait, what?  September is almost gone?  Where did September go? That is how it seems, does it not?  September has come and is nearly gone and in what will seem … Continue reading

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