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Nothing to be afraid of

This morning I was trying to figure out why bees were getting into a certain fluorescent light at the church.  I was looking between the drop ceiling and the roof above it.  And I just about freaked out when I … Continue reading

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When you can’t see

It was really strange the other day driving down that road knowing what I could not see.  Locals know this as where 956 ends in Maryland near the rocket center.  There’s a big mountain behind that fog.  Without the fog, … Continue reading

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You can trust Him

There has been a Ford Aspire for sale along Rt. 28 for the last couple of weeks.  I joked with Diane that I wanted to buy it.  I used to own one much like the one that is for sale.  … Continue reading

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Nothing can separate you from the love of God

Last week the church had the air conditioners at the parsonage and the church serviced for their yearly maintenance. The AC company found a very dirty filter in the parsonage (the parsonage is another word for the pastor’s home provided … Continue reading

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God’s unpredictable ways

Last night our church served somewhere close to 100 meals at the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland, MD.  One of the people who was there serving was 10 year old Jayden, whom Carolyn brought.  Dinner was from 5-5:30.  When dinner … Continue reading

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Turning the corner from despair to peace

A lot of people related to yesterday’s blog.  It was about seasons in life, and in particular the Christian life.  I do not know if a lot will relate to today’s post, but I know a lot of people who … Continue reading

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Real Life

I have some pictures to share with you this morning.  I have a plant that had a rough winter.  I try to keep lots of plants alive in my office and in my garage through the winter.  This particular plant … Continue reading

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