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You have the right to remain silent

I read an article from the Washington Post that basically says two thirds of Americans are staying silent out of fear.  Not fear of the government, but fear of harassment on social media, and I assume fear of losing friends.  … Continue reading

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Fly as low as $29

I get emails all the time from Allegiant and Spirit Airlines because I am on their email lists.  Spirit frequently sends emails advertising up to “33% off, 50% off”, etc.  Allegiant always sends out emails saying, “Fly as low as…” … Continue reading

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No, I have not been hacked

Most of the people who read my blog are on Facebook.  And most of you, like me, have to get so tired of the messages and posts that say, “please tell all your friends not to accept a friend request … Continue reading

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Our limited perspective

I was at the hospital early this morning and I had just walked through a set of doors by hitting the metal square on the wall.  Once my business there was finished, I hit the button to go back through … Continue reading

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The work is in connecting

Do you ever notice that sometimes it seems like a cell phone battery lasts longer and sometimes they seem to go down quicker?   When I am on the edge of cell service and the phone goes in and out of … Continue reading

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When you can’t see

It was really strange the other day driving down that road knowing what I could not see.  Locals know this as where 956 ends in Maryland near the rocket center.  There’s a big mountain behind that fog.  Without the fog, … Continue reading

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You can trust Him

There has been a Ford Aspire for sale along Rt. 28 for the last couple of weeks.  I joked with Diane that I wanted to buy it.  I used to own one much like the one that is for sale.  … Continue reading

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