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You have been warned

Yesterday I put a post on Facebook telling people we want to get rid of a car. Over two years we had it in the shop six times, and I do not even want to guess how much we spent … Continue reading

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The water is fine

Sometimes people pick a word for the year, as I have done in the past. I do not know that I have a word for 2022, but this morning I got the feeling that “water” was going to be a … Continue reading

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An expert in the field

I saw a head shaking headline about NBC adding a financial guru to give viewers advice. The headline was obviously not from NBC as they would never have advertised it this way: “NBC brings on Robert Smith to offer financial … Continue reading

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Equipping the called

I was just humbled beyond measure by the following comment on one of the sermons from my blog: Thnq paster…….iam blessed by ur sermon really inspiring sermon and god has given u knowledge to share word of god…please pray for … Continue reading

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I am Batman

I was surprised the other day by a vehicle behind me.  Locals may have seen it before, but it was my first time.  It was a yellow truck, with black trim all decked out with the Batman logo.  Across the … Continue reading

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Getting them all riled up

Yesterday as I began to preach at 8:50, I told the early church folks that just because we got out at 9:20, I did not shorten my sermon.  We were just ahead of schedule.  At 9:38 when church was over, … Continue reading

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Should you keep going?

If there is something that God wants you to end, then by all means end it. However, if He is using you to do His work, do not be discouraged if you are not seeing fruit. Continue reading

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