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The right answer

Last night as we were walking away from the sunset at Siesta Beach in Florida, two young ladies walked up behind my wife and I and one of them yelled, “What’s your favorite zoo?” Diane was too surprised to answer … Continue reading

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Love for Haiti

It is strange how God can use something bad for His good.  I believe God wants me to give you an opportunity to do just that.  You must know Haiti is getting all kind of attention and love because President … Continue reading

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Wants verses needs

I remember a devotion a few years ago given by a Samaritan’s Purse leader.  The message was distinguishing between wants and needs.  Most of our desires are wants.  I may “want” Gianni’s pizza for dinner, but the Lord and I … Continue reading

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What are you buying?

Nearly everyone who reads my blog has Facebook.  Many also have Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Some of my friends sell beauty cream, some sell toothpaste, some raise money for their charitable work, some sell time in a batting cage, some sell … Continue reading

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An old man lamenting

I first titled today’s blog, “How did we get here?”, but quickly realized it sounded more like “an old man lamenting”.  I hope you might commiserate. By now, we are all familiar with Black Friday, and the latest unofficial holidays: … Continue reading

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Sex Shop and Strip Club going in LaVale (Fake News)

Diane and I were out this afternoon and we drove by the Martin’s plaza in LaVale.  We had been hearing about a possible Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks going in behind where CiCi’s was.  I stopped to ask the men working … Continue reading

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The Biggest Problem with Being Human (or, Let’s Talk about Sin)

Originally posted on David F. Watson:
When I was a grad student, I taught world religions in a community college. The way I approached the topic was to say that each major religion offers a particular diagnosis of the greatest…

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