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8 Responses to Contact Me

  1. lynn Hoffman says:

    Hey Pastor Scott,

    Just saying hi from the hoffman family. We now have internet access at home so if we are unable to come at least we can still enjoy the services.
    thank you guys for always remembering us . We all love you guys. Well bye scott.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Loved your inclusion of the 17th Century Nun’s Prayer back in April. Wondered why you skipped the first paragraph.
    Also your blog quote “afflict. . .comfort” attributed to Mike Slaughter, “chief dreamer” at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio, is one of my favorite descriptions of what we are called to do in our day as prophets endeavoring to be God’s mouthpiece. But you probably know Mike didn’t coin that expression. It’s origin is traced to Finley Peter Dunne in his “Mr. Dooley” articles in the Chicago Post at the turn of the 20th century, and quoted in altered forms regularly since then. The resurgence of the phrase may have been given impetus by its use in the 1950 film Inherit the Wind to describe the “duty” of newspapers. Maybe that’s where Abby Hoffman heard it.
    Just thought you’d like to know.

    • That was the 17th century nun’s prayer as I read it, not knowing there was more. I heard Slaughter say it first and then read it other places later realizing he didn’t come up with it. I’ve found that most memorable things I’ve heard people say have been said before. Thanks for taking the time to drop me the information.

  3. Chuck Pullins says:

    Good evening Scott,
    Insightful thoughts from you and a good analogy by one of our Bishops. Can an event like the one you are attending be a catalyst to multiply the mission and evangelism efforts of those attending? It is always our hope! Can we forget that there are big ships that need guiding also. Mike Slaugther can tell you about his. Big ships have dangers also; fire at sea. rocks that tear large holes in there structure and cause them to sink, etc. Could it be that there is a balance somewhere that beckons us to a journey of discovery? We can’t help lead by addition and get the job done. Aren’t we called to lead by multiplication and that comes when we lead leaders? Are we willing to settle for small boats alone. It seems to me that the Church in Acts conveyed a Gospel that transformed the lives of the masses because disciples were challenged to lead leaders. Since you are there, do you think God might be wanting you to grow your skills in order to lead leaders. Just some thoughts from a retiree…..
    Chuck Pullins

  4. Carl B. Haynes says:

    Someone gave me a jar of the apple butter your church made. It was great, almost as good as my Mother made when i was a child.

  5. Joy Rayden says:

    Scott, just read your sermon on the beheading of John the Baptist. Thanks for the inspiration. I shall probably be using most of it in a service I’m leading on Sunday in a senior citizens sheltered housing complex here in Masham, a small village in the North of England. It must be so hard for faithful older Christians who are deaf, blind, generally infirm to hear “only believe and you will be healed.” Treading a different path, I think, is so much more real. God bless you in your ministry – wherever it takes you!


    • Joy – Thanks for the encouragement. It was and is my prayer that my blog and everything on it be used to glorify God. I preached this message in Haiti to people who are also on a different and tough path. I pray God blesses you as your presence there blesses them.

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