With God All Things are possible Matthew 19:23-26 Free Written Sermon

If you are a pastor or lay person who wants to use this to preach in church – that is why I posted it.  I don’t care about credit, I only care that God’s word is preached and Christ is glorified.  I pray He uses this sermon in a mighty way through you.  You have my permission to take ideas from it, alter it, add your own illustrations, and use it however God leads you, fully or in part.  God bless you in your ministry.  You can bookmark this to check out the other free written sermons on my blog.

I can’t imagine there’s anyone sitting here in church today, or reading this sermon online, or listening to it on a CD or on the internet that hasn’t heard the phrase, “With God all things are possible.”  I also can’t imagine that each one of you, here or wherever you’re reading this or listening to this, haven’t experienced at least one moment when you’ve seen something that seemed impossible happen.  For some of you one thing might have been when the United States put man on the moon.  For some of you, one may be seeing Leslie Kitchen graduate from college and now attending grad school.  For some of you, one may be Andy Jones being in church, getting his GED, and now going to college.  And some of you haven’t heard a thing I’ve said the last few sentences because you thought about something you would have one time said was impossible, and you’ve see it happen.  In the USA Today newspaper on Friday, there was an article saying that it seemed impossible when Bill Gates’ had a vision for Microsoft of having “a computer on every desk, in every home.” Or Jeff Bezos, from Amazon, setting that company on a path to have “every book, ever published, in any language available for Kindle customers to purchase and begin reading in less than 60 seconds.”  Some day people will say, I remember when it seemed impossible that we would ever have a cure for cancer.  It seemed impossible that cars would drive themselves.  It seemed impossible that Jesus was ever going to come back!

In the scripture from Matthew, the disciples have heard Jesus say some things that seemed impossible.  At the end of chapter 18, Jesus says you must forgive your brother’s sin against you how many times?  Seven?  No, seventy times seven.  I picture Peter thinking, impossible.  Then in chapter 19, the Pharisees are asking Jesus about divorce, Moses said a man could divorce a woman for any reason.  Jesus says, no.  No divorce.  Unless she’s been unfaithful.  And while I don’t want to get sidetracked here, I believe in our understanding of how husbands and wives are to treat each other, we would agree that in cases of abuse, divorce is appropriate.  So Jesus said people should stay married and I picture the disciples thinking, impossible.  (And husbands and wives, this is not a good place of an amen – I repeat not a good place.)  As a matter of fact in chapter 19, verse 10, the disciples say, it would be better not to get married.  If you have to keep each other forever, forget it.  That’s impossible.

Then someone whom we who know this story call the rich, young ruler, (and for you who don’t know the story, think cocky young dude with a lot of money) comes to ask Jesus what he has to do to inherit eternal life.  Jesus tells him part of the Ten Commandments, specifically that part about how you treat others – and the rich, perhaps spoiled, young guy says, all this I’ve done from my youth.  And Jesus, apparently picking up on his attitude and sensing that the guy places a lot of stock in his possessions, hits the guy where it hurts.  Sell all you have and give it to the poor, then your treasure will be in heaven, then come follow me.

Don’t get lost here thinking everyone is called to sell everything and give it to the poor.  Luke 19 tells of another rich man, Zacchaeus, and Zacchaeus said he said he was going to give part of his wealth away and Jesus approved.

So back to the rich young guy, he walks away sad, not willing to do what Jesus required.

Pause – I said Jesus hits the guy where it hurts.  Jesus has this habit of requiring of people what’s most precious to them.

If you really like control – what do you think Jesus wants you to hand over to Him?

A. Money  B. CONTROL  or C. Anger Issues?

If you answered control, you are correct.

If you really like money, what do you think Jesus wants you to hand over to Him?

A. MONEY  B. Control  or C. Anger Issues?

If you answered money, you are correct.

If you have anger issues, what do you think Jesus wants you to hand over to Him?

A. Money  B. Control  or C. ANGER ISSUES?

If you answered anger issues, you are correct.

Do you see how it works?  Whatever it is that you want to hold onto more than anything else – If you were the person who went to Jesus is this scripture, His answer would have been that thing.  He says, let go of that, and hold onto Me.  It’s never the easy stuff, it’s the hard stuff, you might say the “impossible for me” thing.

In the scripture we read from Exodus (Exodus 22:26-27) – it is talking about collateral.  If you take your neighbor’s cloak as a pledge (Some versions say pawn), return it by sunset, because that cloak is the only covering your neighbor has. What else can they sleep in? When they cry out to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate.

I heard Rev. Tom Long taking about this – he did a little back and forth with God –

What do you have there?

I have this guy’s coat.

Why do you have it?

So he’ll pay me back.

You need to give it back to him by the end of the day because he may need it.

I know he’ll need it, that’s the idea.

You don’t seem to compassionate – When He cries out to me, I will hear him because I am compassionate.

If you’ve ever seen Pawn Stars, or put up collateral at a bank, you know it’s impossible for them to give it back before they get their money back.  It’s the one assurance they have that they will get their money back.

And God says, I don’t even care if you get your money back – give it back to them before the sun goes down because they need it.  It is impossible to run a business like that!

So back to the Scripture from Matthew – the disciples have been with Jesus, heard Him talk about impossible forgiveness, impossible marriages, impossible generosity, and they’re thinking hey Jesus, that’s ___________  (say it with me)  IMPOSSBILE.

And just to make sure that they get it, because they’ve proven time and again they’re not necessarily the brightest – He says, it’s harder for a camel – the largest animal they would have around there, to get through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.

After a few hundred years, some people decided Jesus was talking about this certain city gate called the “eye of the needle” and that camels would have to get down on their knees to get through.  That it’s that hard.  Many preachers I respect don’t believe that Jesus was talking about a hole in the city wall called the eye of the needle.  If that’s the case, that’s not impossible.  They, and I, believe Jesus was saying it’s impossible like pushing a big behind beast of a camel through the eye of a needle.

We know from experience that on our own, at times forgiveness is impossible.  On our own, giving generously or sacrificially is impossible.  On our own, turning the other cheek is impossible.  Debbie Roush had a great post and example of this on Facebook the other day when she said “Lord thank you for helping me to be nice to people who aren’t always nice to me.”

You see, Debbie knows that on our own, it’s impossible to be nice to people who are not nice to us.  We want to repay people evil for evil.  We want people to pay for what they’ve done.

And the disciples ask the right question – Who, then, can be saved?

Jesus says with men, on your own, it is impossible.

It’s awesome that God specializes in impossibilities.

He says, you are not alone.  I am with you.  Don’t be afraid.  And don’t worry.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about what you’re going to eat, don’t worry about where you’re going to sleep, don’t worry about what others do to you.  You just give it all to God and he will provide the way.  Don’t worry if people take advantage of you, don’t hold a grudge.

How is that possible?  It is impossible from the world’s perspective.

Impossible that God came to earth in the form Of Jesus –

Impossible that Jesus would die on the cross for our sin –

I pray you see the hope and comfort in today’s message.

Some people have impossibilities they’re facing.  Some of you have impossibilities you’re facing.  From our human perspective and abilities, we say IMPOSSIBLE.  And God says to you and to me, you’re wrong.  Nothing is impossible with Jesus.  With Jesus, ALL Things are possible.  With Jesus, you can do the impossible.  And we’re called to do the impossible.  It’s what I love about Andy going to college to get a degree.  It looks like the impossible.  And that’s what’s going to be so unbelievably awesome when he does it.  He can do it because with God, all things are possible.  God is so awesome.  Paul figured it out in Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

.  Maybe you have a bill due, maybe you have a marriage on the rocks, maybe you have a family situation that is without a solution, maybe you have an unhealthy addiction, maybe you have an anger issue, maybe you are afraid to step out in faith.

Jesus said to the disciples, and says to you and to me, on your own, you are right… there are some things that are impossible.

And Lord knows, you’ve tried…

over and over and over

Do you have an impossibility in your life?

Do you know our God is the God of the possible.  He is the God of Hope – Romans 15:13 – the only place in the Bible that He’s called that – Now may the God of Hope fill you will all peace in believing as you trust in Him.

Possible is right here (at the altar) and right here (in the Bible).

With God, all things are possible.

13 Responses to With God All Things are possible Matthew 19:23-26 Free Written Sermon

  1. angelo says:

    I found your word very encouraging and touching,and truly relized that,weith god on your side all things are possible

  2. Deborah Samuel says:

    Thank you very much for this sermon. It’s a blessing to me.

  3. Joyclem says:

    Truly, with God all things are possible. Remember, when it seems all hope is lost He will show up to fulfil His words and you willl not be ashame.
    Thank you man of GOD.

  4. Frani says:

    This is a very profound and powerful message and certainly appreciated with deep respect. On a short story, I lived so much for my family that were so Impossible to please until I did not even know who I was but I always remembered God. My life became a total disaster of everything! But one day after separations, deaths, failures, running away, I did the unthinkable and lived alone, something never would I ever do for I feared being alone but death and loneliness have nothing on being with someone or many that beat you daily in mental or physical form. But I knew I had to live Alone as if I was being called to this desolate place, secluded as if being lead by the Holy Spirit, it was a great fear. It was then I could be with God, Alone but at that time it was just being Alone to lick my wounds and battle scars. Silence would fill the air at night, Silence during the day as I would keep it silent to hear Nature, hear the peace for my mind was haunted with noice after noice after noice of the sudden past as well as the whole past and then it occurred to me, that I was not Alone, God was with me and Now My Father, to make a long story short, had it not been for my trials and errors and failures, I am certain I would never ever have met the wonderful Father I have come to know for it is so true, He can do anything and all things and beyond things you ever thought if you only just believe and trust him. People will tell you, people do not change, and people will tell you that your kids are a failure too and people will tell you what they see but you see, God says a different story to Me, that if thou cants believe all things are possible to him not just a few things but All. I am now full in my faith that even the Devil fears for after all we are human with the full power of the holy spirit if we fully turn it all over to God and well did not the Devil flee from Jesus, I had nothing to lose and all to gain by giving it All to My Father, something that is a paradox that how he took me out of a hell from then or there to here, I could not ask for more, my failures turned into my fortunes!! God did it, not me, I only just believed. It is a very beautiful thing to trust in someone you have never seen, fearful at first but then it becomes grand and nothing moves you to be afraid, you become truly transformed from impossible to possible in all you think and all you do in all do time is all I know.

  5. Frani says:

    Thank you scottknowlton! I have listened to sages, soothesayers, wise men and men/woman of horrid story’s that have profound testamony’s leading me to believe that a Saint does not have the advantage of a sinner for a sinner has walked in the shadow’s, ditches, darkness, went without, had it all and lost it but started all over again with perpetual determination if they are a good sinner for I believe we have both dark and light and in order to get to the Destiny or what our hearts dream of at even our very own awares that we sometimes have to experience much sin and the greater the darkness is, the greater their Light becomes when they tell me their story. The countenance on their face of just knowing someone wants to truly hear them, understanding their Story, leaves you in awe, and in wonder of the greater the testament the closer to God when they seek him. God loves us all but he loves the sinner, the stranger, the shunned, the one’s that made mistakes whether big or small, always there is an ounce of light in Us all. Everyone has a Story and if they do not pay attention to the judgmental people surrounding them and pay attention to God that say’s your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more, they become Kings and Queens for after all Jesus is the King of Kings and he did not specify the Kings as we know on this earth that dwell in High places leaving me to believe that he means Us sinners who have repented, To the Amen corner in Churches that think they are the Kings, snubbing the lower status of other’s that sit quietly alone with their poor heads bowed, Jesus is calling them Kings and Queens, not the Amen corner that have their reward NOW. To the one’s who did not listen no more too “You can’t do that your too stupid!” Well, God says you can if you believe you can! If God had parents in his time despite we are taught he always has been, then perhaps he was told he couldn’t do it too, but he sure did, he turned that Big Vast of Void and Darkness into Light and then added his dream along the way, He did not give up on His dream of true love nor give up on humanity, He saved Noah and his family, determination! To the one’s that people call trailor trash because they are poor or find that less is more, well God is in the recycling business and less is more for we are not defined by what we have but by the God we know. He provides and if you are not greedy and don’t have something, then you did not need it to begin with keeping your life pure and simple not difficult. Even Jesus gave up all riches and materials to do the Lord’s work..and they called him crazy, lazy, a lunatic, they didn’t even believe him when he said he would be raised on the third day for they sat around mourning and then went to his grave to sponge and put more myre on him, how fast they forgot he would rise from his grave which is a blessing to us for they saw him and we never have yet we are more blessed for We BELIEVE he rose from the dead and died for Us at that so that we will not believe the Lies we are told about ourselfs or decieved or that he does not exist, sometimes leading to suicide as the only answer from such bitter Judas people that needs sweetness shinned down on them even if they never see it Or, your a Loser because you pick the wrong man/woman, well God says your a winner for your out of a bad situation that perhaps the person that is judging you must know first hand! Best of all, “I remember what you did, shame on you!” While God is gently whispering come over here with me Frani you rascal you and get away from that perfect person!” Or you can not spell right nor pronounce your words correctly and sound ignorant and uneducated!” Sorry, but God used many people in the Ancient days that couldn’t speak right, were small built, were poor, beggars, to do his job and not for clever conversation. So you see, All things are possible with God, what is one mans stench is another mans bed of roses, it is all in the Thinking and Believing and who you believe, the mass judgemental world or the Vast Universal God who can do anything, and always turns your downfalls into success even if you do not see it at the time for in the end only kindness matters. It is not anyone that is going to answser to God but each one of us indivdually and it can easily be solved indivdually but there are more doubters when it comes to the Epic moment of trial than there are Believers you know them by their fruits. First snow flake falls and the super market is fighting over gallons of milk, terrorized or the one’s that are ready seasonally long and smiles and says “Wow, how beautiful, no milk oh well, grab some cocoa. Contentment is priceless, Not a grand title or what you own that can be burned in an hour, or broke into and stollen or the job market crash for even Nature is not safe so neither are we, there is no such thing as safety now only in God… but your Soul, a peaceful Soul that lays each night in the Hand, that rocks our Cradles.

  6. tom says:

    Thanks for the sermon thoughts…

  7. Javes Nkrumah says:

    Thanks for your sermon. Indeed with Hod all things are possible

  8. Prince David Coker says:

    i thank the lord for his grace upon your life u have just inspired me, i was giving this topic to teach on and i was searching for material when i got into this teaching i may not use all ur examples i learn a lot when going through it may God bless u sir thanks alot u re a wanderfull teacher.

    • I know that some of my illustrations do not translate to other parts of the world. They are for my audience here. It’s not unlike some of Jesus’ illustrations and how it is hard for us here (especially in America) to get the full effect of what he is saying. Thanks for your encouraging words. I pray for God’s Spirit to be upon you as you teach.

  9. Richard says:

    Thank you very much, May God bless you more revelation, Thank you for having a generous heart sharing what God gave to you. God bless you & your family and your ministry.

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