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What are you expecting?

Last week we had a mission team staying at our church.  They went to Washington, DC on a day off from their labors on Thursday.  On the way back they stopped at Roy Rogers for dinner.  The kids had done … Continue reading

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You’ve tried your way…

I saw a political meme this morning that reminded me of a coaching hire years ago in Tyler County.  The Board of Education was hiring a high school coach and they were down to two candidates.  One person had high … Continue reading

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Too many of us aren’t fighting the good fight.

“I never got Satan riled up, never stood up for Jesus, and sought and achieved a pretty easy life” is not a victory speech. Continue reading

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Lukewarm churches to flee to

I’m listening to a Francis Chan sermon this afternoon.  In it, he says the primary reason to have kids is to raise up “warriors for Christ”.  We shouldn’t have kids simply to have fun little people running around who we … Continue reading

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A map and a battle plan – Walmart Black Friday shopping

I receive Walmart emails because I have made a Walmart purchase online.  When I checked my email this morning I had an email from Walmart titled. “Prep for Black Friday – Map Inside”. I can enter my zip code and … Continue reading

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Where do you take the wounded?

Now I can confess that I’ve been driving my car on expired plates for about 3 months.   I didn’t know the DMV doesn’t have the post office forward vehicle registration renewals.  They go back to the DMV.  So I didn’t … Continue reading

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