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What do you go by?

Yesterday Galen was taping the walls in one of the halls to be painted.  He was taping a line in the middle of the wall down a 40 foot hall to paint below the line.  It was obvious after the … Continue reading

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Getting them all riled up

Yesterday as I began to preach at 8:50, I told the early church folks that just because we got out at 9:20, I did not shorten my sermon.  We were just ahead of schedule.  At 9:38 when church was over, … Continue reading

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Prayer at a high school football game – What we believe

Tomorrow night we will have prayer before a high school football game.  We will pray The Lord’s Prayer.  And we’re not doing it to make anyone uncomfortable or to upset anyone.  We not doing it to put on a show.  … Continue reading

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Why we can’t do it – what miracle are you preventing?

…if you do not believe that with God all things are possible, then you are right… it is impossible! Continue reading

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I’m not worried about our government allowing gay marriage

Our country allows things I don’t believe is right.  It allows abortion as a form of birth control.  Since I believe that the God I worship is the One True God and that He knew me in my mother’s womb … Continue reading

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