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You answer for you

As I took a picture this morning to advertise the TPM Resource Recovery Center and the OCC Shoebox dropoff location both going on today, a memory and a lesson from the Lord popped into my mind.  The memory is when … Continue reading

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I don’t go to church because of church people

You smoke marijuana? You cuss? You sleep with people you aren’t married to? You judge people? Y’all come in. You’ll fit right in. Continue reading

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If everybody who posted a Christian post on Facebook would go to church

We who do go to church don’t need any help making Jesus look bad, we’re doing just fine without your help. Continue reading

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Digging up the past

We often don’t realize the impact our investments of time and money today make on those in the future. I’m thankful for those people who put in the sewer line in the 1950’s. I’ve reaped the benefits from it the last 4 1/4 years. Continue reading

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