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The old ways

Today I wrote the word “pies” on my hand.  I need to remember to send pies home with people today to back for our Wednesday night dinner.  I used to write notes on my hand all the time, as I … Continue reading

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Knowing better but not doing better

Many people often re-use gallon tea jugs.  There are several in the storage room at the church.  I know from experience that you must let the jug itself dry out completely if you want to put the lid on it.  … Continue reading

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In the year 2000

I think I am probably more reflective than most at the beginning of a new year because I also have a birthday soon after the new year.  As I reflect, I remember sitting in middle school and high school in … Continue reading

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A word for the New Year

There’s been a movement that was brought to my attention a few years ago where people would pick a word for the new year.  A few years ago when we moved from Mason to Short Gap, a friend gave us … Continue reading

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The bad guys think the good guys are the bad guys

I read a headline that a British ship escorted a Russian ship in international waters near British waters over Christmas.  The relationship between Great Britain and Russia is tense right now.  A recent article from the BBC says that Moscow … Continue reading

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Steelers receive a $4 Bonus

I read that each of the Pittsburgh Steelers players received a bonus from the Steelers’ owner for winning their division.  It was a $200 bonus.  To put it in perspective, I did the math and figured out what the bonus … Continue reading

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Nothing is wasted

Last night was a great night.  I can’t give details about the TPM Recovery Resource Center or the NA Meetings housed at the church, but just take my word for it, last night was a great night and this has … Continue reading

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