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When you can’t see

It was really strange the other day driving down that road knowing what I could not see.  Locals know this as where 956 ends in Maryland near the rocket center.  There’s a big mountain behind that fog.  Without the fog, … Continue reading

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Real Life

I have some pictures to share with you this morning.  I have a plant that had a rough winter.  I try to keep lots of plants alive in my office and in my garage through the winter.  This particular plant … Continue reading

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It is no secret

Diane and I have the best macaroni and cheese recipe.  People love it anywhere we serve it.  We got it from Mrs. Snyder (her name at the time) at a dinner at our home church many years ago.  She always … Continue reading

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Life goes on until it doesn’t

In the past seven days I did two funerals.  When a death occurs, a family is rocked, friends and acquaintances pause, and the rest of the world goes on like nothing happened.  As the saying goes, “Life goes on”, even … Continue reading

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Getting ready

This morning into early afternoon I spent several hours cleaning the church kitchen, social hall, and utility room.  The women of the church will be doing a dinner for a memorial service Saturday and Wilison Oil is coming to do … Continue reading

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Peace, not as the world gives

I’m like a kid watching a parade through a knot-hole in the fence, and He is like a drone seeing everything… Continue reading

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When to provide shelter

We have a few outdoor plants that we want to keep over the winter.  However, these are not plants that will survive our winters.  Last night we brought the plants in to protect them from the possible frost.  We will … Continue reading

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