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What a difference 20 minutes can make – tough times

This morning I took a picture just before the sun came up.  It was a little haunting looking around the church.  If the church windows had been all busted out it would have looked like a horror movie set. Yet … Continue reading

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People who look like their dog

I admit there are some judgemental and mean people in every church. But they are not the majority. Continue reading

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Piling it on until you crack

This morning as I was shoveling my way to church I heard a huge crack and saw a part of a tree fall.  The snow is so heavy that the tree couldn’t take the weight and finally gave. Also this … Continue reading

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When it’s personal

When we find out our son or daughter or brother or sister is gay, if we were once very judgmental of or even hateful toward gay people, our views of gay people probably change. Continue reading

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