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The unpredictability of God

This past Tuesday I was cleaning the deck with a pressure washer. I got a text that Samaritan’s Purse had opened a disaster response location in Marshall County WV.  Diane came out to ask me if I got the text.  … Continue reading

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Today’s Headlines

The WV Floods occurred June 23-24.  It’s not New Orleans after Katrina, but it was pretty catastrophic for thousands upon thousands.  While the world has moved on to the next headline, the people whose homes were flooded are still dealing … Continue reading

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The truth is the truth no matter what you believe

Last week as a group of us worked on homes in the Kanawha County, WV area that were flooded in late June.  We’ve taken several teams over several weeks.  At this point, most of the nearly 30 people who have … Continue reading

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