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God knows exactly who you are and STILL calls you friend

When we shy away from God’s work for us because we consider ourselves unworthy, when we won’t take Holy Communion, when we try to hide our sin from Him, we are disrespecting God. Continue reading

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Judgmental Christians & Enemies of God

Friday when we were in line to get our gear for white water rafting, my son Matt and our son-for-the-summer Dakota were talking about Dakota being in the Navy.  Dakota signed up for the Navy this past week and goes … Continue reading

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Feeling Bad about Christmas

“What if God is looking at churches this Christmas Day to see which ones are open and who is in them on Christmas to see who is His friend?” It’s not what I wanted to say on Christmas Day. But too many of us are friends of the world and let the world draw us away from Him. Continue reading

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