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What are you expecting?

Last week we had a mission team staying at our church.  They went to Washington, DC on a day off from their labors on Thursday.  On the way back they stopped at Roy Rogers for dinner.  The kids had done … Continue reading

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God’s unpredictable ways

Last night our church served somewhere close to 100 meals at the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland, MD.  One of the people who was there serving was 10 year old Jayden, whom Carolyn brought.  Dinner was from 5-5:30.  When dinner … Continue reading

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How did you find that?

Yesterday the exterminator came for his quarterly visit and asked if we had any problems.  I took him to a place in the church hallway and moved some ceiling tiles.  I showed him where I had used two cans of … Continue reading

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Defending the guilty

I assume you all have heard about one of the latest acts of evil raising its ugly head in the shooting at the Florida school.  I saw this picture of the lawyer with the accused gunman.  The lawyer’s job is … Continue reading

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The significance of one mistake

This morning I received a great illustration that led to today’s blog.  I was using the commercial mixer in the church to mix up a batch of coconut eggs.  The powdered sugar has a tendency to fly everywhere.  I had … Continue reading

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Love for Haiti

It is strange how God can use something bad for His good.  I believe God wants me to give you an opportunity to do just that.  You must know Haiti is getting all kind of attention and love because President … Continue reading

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You’ve got choices

I am thinking about going to Pennsylvania to see my wife Diane today.  She is with her parents who are not doing well at the moment.  She will be there next week as well and I will be in North … Continue reading

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