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You’ve tried your way…

I saw a political meme this morning that reminded me of a coaching hire years ago in Tyler County.  The Board of Education was hiring a high school coach and they were down to two candidates.  One person had high … Continue reading

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Should Christians pray in public?

Thirty years ago our society believed in public prayer and expressions of faith, and believed in keeping sex and sexual details in the privacy of the home – behind closed doors.  Oh, how the times have changed.  Now sex is … Continue reading

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Prayer at a high school football game – What we believe

Tomorrow night we will have prayer before a high school football game.  We will pray The Lord’s Prayer.  And we’re not doing it to make anyone uncomfortable or to upset anyone.  We not doing it to put on a show.  … Continue reading

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The Best Days of Your Life – Life Transitions

I’ve had a lot of people ask if I like it here in the mountains where West Virginia bends into Maryland.  I tell them I love it.  Some have followed with, “Better than where you were?” Can I love it … Continue reading

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