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God’s Blessings – Satan’s Obstacles

There’s a Scripture that says God will use everything (including the bad) for His good. Just remember that Satan will use everything (including the good) for his bad. Continue reading

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Never out of nourishment

I heard a sermon once from Pastor Jonathan Martin was struggling and he had stumbled into a church and went for Holy Communion.  At the precise moment it got to his turn, they ran out of bread.  The person serving … Continue reading

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God knows exactly who you are and STILL calls you friend

When we shy away from God’s work for us because we consider ourselves unworthy, when we won’t take Holy Communion, when we try to hide our sin from Him, we are disrespecting God. Continue reading

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In one ear and out the other

In a devotional reading from Bonhoeffer this morning he wrote about the Allied bombings overhead as he sat imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII.  He was a German minister who had spoken out against Hitler and was therefore … Continue reading

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