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A problem with Americans

The beauty of America right now is that I’m entitled to my opinion, even if I’m wrong. Continue reading

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Do we boycott burger king for the gay pride whopper?

I would never approve of our church boycotting in front of their business when they open. I would rather send them a “welcome to the neighborhood” basket, which I will probably do. Continue reading

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I’m not worried about our government allowing gay marriage

Our country allows things I don’t believe is right.  It allows abortion as a form of birth control.  Since I believe that the God I worship is the One True God and that He knew me in my mother’s womb … Continue reading

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The Chic-fil-a issue is not a no-win situation

Our primary way to be Savior-serving is to show love, even when (or especially when) we disagree and do not want to love those who don’t see things as we see them. Continue reading

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Something we don’t agree on – The homosexual issue in the church

Without a doubt, the biggest inclusiveness issue in the church today is the issue of homosexuality.  There is a person who has been in a homosexual relationship for a long period of time who was talking to someone about the … Continue reading

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