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In the year 2000

I think I am probably more reflective than most at the beginning of a new year because I also have a birthday soon after the new year.  As I reflect, I remember sitting in middle school and high school in … Continue reading

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A word for the New Year

There’s been a movement that was brought to my attention a few years ago where people would pick a word for the new year.  A few years ago when we moved from Mason to Short Gap, a friend gave us … Continue reading

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Life goes on until it doesn’t

In the past seven days I did two funerals.  When a death occurs, a family is rocked, friends and acquaintances pause, and the rest of the world goes on like nothing happened.  As the saying goes, “Life goes on”, even … Continue reading

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You can find free wifi here

I love it when people park at the front of the church to connect to the internet.  We have wifi at the church that does not require a password.  I always check when I go to other churches to see … Continue reading

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What’s your mood?

The UMC has a fitness tracking program for pastors and their spouses.  Diane and I have a pedometer and an online program that we load our steps and activities to.  Not only does it keep track of our steps and … Continue reading

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A challenging situation

The UMC sent out a letter from the Bishop today about West Virginia Wesleyan College.  WVWC had to release 27 faculty and staff because of budget problems.  In the letter, the Bishop said, “I am thankful for a College President … Continue reading

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What God is going to do with the seeds

Yesterday I was at the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  They have 184 benches, one for each innocent who lost their lives on that day, and 85 Crape Myrtle trees that will each eventually grow up to … Continue reading

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