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The same wind that blows the storm away

The other day Patricia, a friend of ours in Florida, posted many beautiful pictures of this dark, rainy sky.  This is one I swiped from her facebook page.  It made me think of this line from a song that talks … Continue reading

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The end of a long winter

I keep as many plants as possible safe through the winter.  I keep most of them in my office.  If plants are good for a room, it would be hard to imagine a healthier room through the winter than my … Continue reading

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Tender Little Plants

Diane got some tender little buttercup plants, among other plants, from a friend today.  She brought them home and planted them.  The greenery looks fragile and delicate.  They will probably look wilty all day today.  The good news is our … Continue reading

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You are Loved by Your Creator

On Friday our roads got sprayed.  Locals know that means snow and/or ice is on the way.  I have heard the road spray contains beet juice.  I have not researched that.  However, the weekend came and went and there was … Continue reading

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There all along

For the last 6 weeks I have known I needed to order coffee filters for our 3 burner Bunn coffee maker.  They take a bigger filter, not a standard household filter.  I’ve even used paper towels to make coffee, so … Continue reading

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In the year 2000

I think I am probably more reflective than most at the beginning of a new year because I also have a birthday soon after the new year.  As I reflect, I remember sitting in middle school and high school in … Continue reading

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A word for the New Year

There’s been a movement that was brought to my attention a few years ago where people would pick a word for the new year.  A few years ago when we moved from Mason to Short Gap, a friend gave us … Continue reading

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