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What matters is the way you are headed

Major League baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the LA Dodgers last night.  Both teams have 30 wins and 30 losses going in to today.  And as strange as it sounds because they have the same record, the Pirates ship appears … Continue reading

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One more point of light

President George H.W. Bush made famous the phrase “A Thousand Points of Light” in his 1988 RNC presidential acceptance speech.  It had been used in various ways by authors going back 50 years before that. Every time the church, and … Continue reading

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The same wind that blows the storm away

The other day Patricia, a friend of ours in Florida, posted many beautiful pictures of this dark, rainy sky.  This is one I swiped from her facebook page.  It made me think of this line from a song that talks … Continue reading

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A free baked steak dinner

This morning I browned 140 pieces of cubed steak – about 37 pounds!  It’s going to cook all day and will be super tender for our community dinner tonight.  We are hoping for 100 people for dinner.  The dinners are … Continue reading

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Hello from beautiful Cancun

You have to get up early to see the sunrise in Cancun, but it is worth getting up for.  Here is my picture from today.  You can barely make out a small lighthouse in the middle of the photo on … Continue reading

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It is no secret

Diane and I have the best macaroni and cheese recipe.  People love it anywhere we serve it.  We got it from Mrs. Snyder (her name at the time) at a dinner at our home church many years ago.  She always … Continue reading

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What you need to know about your pastor

Typically, I take an everyday event or situation and then make a Jesus point out of it.  Today there is no story about birds or pizza as in introduction.  Today’s blog is just a reminder… a reminder that your pastor … Continue reading

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