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Fly as low as $29

I get emails all the time from Allegiant and Spirit Airlines because I am on their email lists.  Spirit frequently sends emails advertising up to “33% off, 50% off”, etc.  Allegiant always sends out emails saying, “Fly as low as…” … Continue reading

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The promotion from beggar to sergeant at arms

This morning I was one of nearly 40 people working on peanut butter eggs.  I was scooting trays of eggs along a table and as the chocolate dried I would loosen the eggs from the waxed paper, and then consolidate … Continue reading

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Willing to have the world hate you

Very early yesterday morning, long before anyone arrived at the church for worship, I was walking out of the sanctuary and noticed a reflection in the little window in the door of the back of the church.  I took a … Continue reading

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I don’t go to church because of church people

You smoke marijuana? You cuss? You sleep with people you aren’t married to? You judge people? Y’all come in. You’ll fit right in. Continue reading

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Good News for those in need and bad news for the uppity church folk

The Gospel is not a message that says I’m OK, you’re OK, and we’re all going to heaven. It’s a message that says we’re all unworthy and all in need of a Savior. And the young people and the unchurched don’t seem to so much mind that message. Continue reading

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