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Real Life

I have some pictures to share with you this morning.  I have a plant that had a rough winter.  I try to keep lots of plants alive in my office and in my garage through the winter.  This particular plant … Continue reading

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Life goes on until it doesn’t

In the past seven days I did two funerals.  When a death occurs, a family is rocked, friends and acquaintances pause, and the rest of the world goes on like nothing happened.  As the saying goes, “Life goes on”, even … Continue reading

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Getting ready

This morning into early afternoon I spent several hours cleaning the church kitchen, social hall, and utility room.  The women of the church will be doing a dinner for a memorial service Saturday and Wilison Oil is coming to do … Continue reading

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When you think you’re something (or at least good enough)

Our church will finish making eggs next week.  Last night, someone from our church was at a store buying some supplies to finish up our egg making and saw someone with a cartload of powdered sugar.   “Making eggs?” the … Continue reading

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When life seems like nothing more than an episode of Wipeout

This morning I woke up thinking about a baby.  There’s a baby that some in our church have been praying for.  I’ve never met the family nor the baby.  But from what I have heard, the baby and her family … Continue reading

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The danger of being a good fake

Yesterday I got to accompany a couple of second grade classes to Ashby’s Fort.  I think the guide told us it’s the only remaining fort that George Washington ordered built on the “western front”.  Parts of the fort are original … Continue reading

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Changed lives to change lives

Pastors are no different than anyone else.  Sometimes we all get discouraged.  God encourages me in various ways.  I hope you can see how He encourages you in different ways at different times when you need encouraging. One of the … Continue reading

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