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The difficulty of knowing which path you are on

Our church has a dinner every Wednesday night.  It’s free, but we do put out a bucket for donations to help pay for the food.  Tonight we’re having steak from Wayne’s for our Wednesday night dinner.  I talked to the … Continue reading

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Taming wild animals vs. the call of the wild

…somewhere along the way a movement of Jesus Christ became civilized and called Christianity. Continue reading

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God will give you a fresh start today

“It doesn’t do any good to talk about what we should have done differently, we have to go from where we are now.” Continue reading

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The judgment of sin on the cross was not the final judgment

The other day I blogged about homosexuality and about 100 different people looked at that post that day. Posting about sin and the cross today will probably garner 25-35 views. Continue reading

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I don’t want to waste my life

We have set the bar so low on being a Christian that we act as if the path to heaven through Jesus is so broad that everyone will find it! Continue reading

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God’s Crooked Yet Straight Path

There’s a lot of supposition about a straight, smooth path as a Christian.  But in my reading from Bonhoeffer this morning, he called God’s path “crooked yet straight”.   Logically speaking, the thought of crooked and straight at once is impossible.  … Continue reading

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