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Nothing can separate you from the love of God

Last week the church had the air conditioners at the parsonage and the church serviced for their yearly maintenance. The AC company found a very dirty filter in the parsonage (the parsonage is another word for the pastor’s home provided … Continue reading

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Selfishly giving away everything you own

I owned a 5 speed manual transmission red 1989 Ford Aspire just like the one in the picture.  It had 60,000 miles on it when I bought it in the late 1990’s, and it got 40 miles per gallon.  I … Continue reading

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Everything that’s wrong with you…

your heart will tell you one of two things: 1.) that you don’t need His help or 2.) that He would never help you after all you’ve done. Continue reading

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Whoever wishes to be great among you…

“I’m going to serve because I want to be great” Continue reading

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Intentional and unintentional mistakes

In today’s Upper Room devotional there is an asterisk with a name at the bottom of the page.  Most of you know when there is an asterisk in the body of a page, you place an explanation or something else … Continue reading

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