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A good deal

Saturday Diane and I went to the Bon-Ton store at the mall.  They are having a “going out of business sale” and Diane thought they were now at 80% off.  It turned out they were actually “up to 80% off”.  … Continue reading

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Nothing can separate you from the love of God

Last week the church had the air conditioners at the parsonage and the church serviced for their yearly maintenance. The AC company found a very dirty filter in the parsonage (the parsonage is another word for the pastor’s home provided … Continue reading

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A free baked steak dinner

This morning I browned 140 pieces of cubed steak – about 37 pounds!  It’s going to cook all day and will be super tender for our community dinner tonight.  We are hoping for 100 people for dinner.  The dinners are … Continue reading

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The Penguins built in excuse

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a hockey team that has won the last two Stanley Cups (think World Series).  This means they have played hockey into June the last two years, while many other teams finished in April.  The Washington Capitals … Continue reading

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A dirty little lie – the lies of a 2 year old

Yesterday in church I was talking to an 8 year old about sin and we were talking about lies.  I said her two year old brother had not learned how to lie yet.  Dad chimed in and said that was … Continue reading

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You gotta be careful

This morning at the church egg making I overheard a guy I have never seen before.  He said he was on unemployment for a few weeks until he got called back to his job.  When you are drawing unemployment you … Continue reading

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Getting them all riled up

Yesterday as I began to preach at 8:50, I told the early church folks that just because we got out at 9:20, I did not shorten my sermon.  We were just ahead of schedule.  At 9:38 when church was over, … Continue reading

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