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A dirty little lie – the lies of a 2 year old

Yesterday in church I was talking to an 8 year old about sin and we were talking about lies.  I said her two year old brother had not learned how to lie yet.  Dad chimed in and said that was … Continue reading

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You gotta be careful

This morning at the church egg making I overheard a guy I have never seen before.  He said he was on unemployment for a few weeks until he got called back to his job.  When you are drawing unemployment you … Continue reading

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Getting them all riled up

Yesterday as I began to preach at 8:50, I told the early church folks that just because we got out at 9:20, I did not shorten my sermon.  We were just ahead of schedule.  At 9:38 when church was over, … Continue reading

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A way that works

I earn gas points when I shop at a local grocery store.  When I earn enough points to get free gas I am permitted to get 25 gallon. I do not have a vehicle that will hold that much so … Continue reading

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Follow and Become

Mark 1:17 caught my attention this morning.  Jesus is calling the first disciples and He says, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”  I guess it struck me because of some texting I had been doing … Continue reading

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The significance of one mistake

This morning I received a great illustration that led to today’s blog.  I was using the commercial mixer in the church to mix up a batch of coconut eggs.  The powdered sugar has a tendency to fly everywhere.  I had … Continue reading

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You’ve got choices

I am thinking about going to Pennsylvania to see my wife Diane today.  She is with her parents who are not doing well at the moment.  She will be there next week as well and I will be in North … Continue reading

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