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When Christians fall short

I’ve been to Ghana in Africa and stood in the room at the Elmina Castle where the male slaves were kept until they were led to a ship to be sent to the Americas.  I’ve stood at the doorway where, … Continue reading

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Pastor Appreciation Month

the measure of a pastor’s ministry is not measured by how many people are stuffed in the building, but instead by how Christlike the people in the building are Continue reading

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Who’s responsible for a growing church?

Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle has recently come under intense scrutiny for his leadership style and alleged abusive tactics.  He and some others started what is now Mars Hill in 1996.  Today they report that they … Continue reading

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Justification and Sanctification

Wednesday night I talked to the people of the church a little bit about Justification and Sanctification.  There were some questions, so I want to expound on it.  I got some examples and language from the book A Sure Thing, … Continue reading

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