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Separating ourselves

Yesterday I posted about people who walk a trail from low income housing to a grocery store.  A lot of people read and shared it.  I said that the people we avoid are people Jesus would have gone out of … Continue reading

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Am I part of a brood of vipers?

I’m more like the sinners at the shelter in their Pitt-Ohio sweatshirts than the sinners in suits in the conference room at the Ramada. Continue reading

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Good News for those in need and bad news for the uppity church folk

The Gospel is not a message that says I’m OK, you’re OK, and we’re all going to heaven. It’s a message that says we’re all unworthy and all in need of a Savior. And the young people and the unchurched don’t seem to so much mind that message. Continue reading

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Do good people go to heaven?

I was just looking at Rev. Randy Flanagan’s Facebook pictures.  I heard that he has lost 70 pounds!!  I’m happy for him as I too have battled weight my entire adult life.  I saw this particular picture from 2010.  It … Continue reading

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