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Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Yesterday I heard our bishop tell us not to be ashamed of the Gospel, not to fail to proclaim Jesus anywhere.  I’m not sure what she said.  That’s just what I heard.  It’s like Bishop Grove’s sermon last year about … Continue reading

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耶穌可以採取陷入困境,藉口充滿的生命,成為一個整體。耶穌可以採取陷入困境,藉口充滿的生命,成為一個整體。 Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day

At one of last night’s church meetings, Larry opened one meeting with prayer and in the prayer he thanked God for the “beautiful day” we had.  After the prayer I said, “Larry is was 50 degrees today, that’s not a … Continue reading

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Reaching One Person

My end of year blog report for 2011 indicated that people from 21 countries read some of my blog posts last year including people from Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Chile, Turkey, India, Trinidad and Tobago, and lots more. Continue reading

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A little push

I remember sometimes that I would wind a toy and set it down and it wouldn’t go even though it should. But if I would nudge it and give it a little help it would take off and then run without my help. Continue reading

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