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It is no secret

Diane and I have the best macaroni and cheese recipe.  People love it anywhere we serve it.  We got it from Mrs. Snyder (her name at the time) at a dinner at our home church many years ago.  She always … Continue reading

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Something worth protecting

I think the Bible teaches that most people who consider themselves Christians are going to be the kind of Christians with the unhatched eggs in the nest. Continue reading

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Getting all I have available to me

Too many are content to wade in the shallow end of faith, not willing nor wanting to go into the deep to get all He has for us in this life. Continue reading

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A $30,000 car and a $25 offering

Satan will use money (and credit cards… ouch!) to divert our affection from Jesus to our possessions. Continue reading

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Living in this tension

I remember when Diane and I were dating.  I didn’t have a credit card and I didn’t have much money.  We were somewhere and she saw this bear that was about 2 foot long/tall.  It had a zipper in the … Continue reading

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Skimping on my giving

Our youngest son Matt goes to Brown.  He’s there on full scholarship.  If you can get into Brown and your family makes under a certain income, they cover 100% of your expenses.  Matt got in and we make way, way … Continue reading

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