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The big difference above and below the clouds

Last week I flew back from Florida.  As we flew, I took this picture of the clouds.  The contrast against the blue sky is beautiful. However, this beauty is only visible when you are above them.  When you are below … Continue reading

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A challenging situation

The UMC sent out a letter from the Bishop today about West Virginia Wesleyan College.  WVWC had to release 27 faculty and staff because of budget problems.  In the letter, the Bishop said, “I am thankful for a College President … Continue reading

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It’s going to take more than that to clean up this mess

The woman jerked the leash of the dog, shouted the Lord’s Name in vain, and started apologizing to the guy (saying) she normally had baby wipes Continue reading

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The scary part of God

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit carries around a spoon. Continue reading

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