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The UMC and Chock full o’ Nuts

They just liked the name, even though it was no longer representative of their product.  Continue reading

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What do you see when you look at this window?

When it comes to the Biblical command to love, the question is not, “What does love mean to you?” The question is “What does God mean when He says to love?” Continue reading

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God’s unpredictable ways

Last night our church served somewhere close to 100 meals at the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland, MD.  One of the people who was there serving was 10 year old Jayden, whom Carolyn brought.  Dinner was from 5-5:30.  When dinner … Continue reading

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Hello from beautiful Cancun

You have to get up early to see the sunrise in Cancun, but it is worth getting up for.  Here is my picture from today.  You can barely make out a small lighthouse in the middle of the photo on … Continue reading

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What you need to know about your pastor

Typically, I take an everyday event or situation and then make a Jesus point out of it.  Today there is no story about birds or pizza as in introduction.  Today’s blog is just a reminder… a reminder that your pastor … Continue reading

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What’s your mood?

The UMC has a fitness tracking program for pastors and their spouses.  Diane and I have a pedometer and an online program that we load our steps and activities to.  Not only does it keep track of our steps and … Continue reading

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A challenging situation

The UMC sent out a letter from the Bishop today about West Virginia Wesleyan College.  WVWC had to release 27 faculty and staff because of budget problems.  In the letter, the Bishop said, “I am thankful for a College President … Continue reading

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