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Squirrels prepare for winter – that’s what they do

Diane and I saw more squirrels than usual yesterday as we rode bicycles on the C&O Towpath.  Diane said the squirrels at home had been really active, too.  She said they are hunting and hiding food for winter.  I saw … Continue reading

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The pack of cigarettes on my desk

Several months ago I found a pack of Camel cigarettes in the community room after a Wednesday dinner.  I carried them to my office and put them on my desk thinking I would find out later whose they were and … Continue reading

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Quality time with loved ones – A Pastor’s Choices and Your Choices

It’s ironic that I was interrupted from blogging yesterday because Diane wanted these ‘egg sandwiches’ I make her sometimes for breakfast (using two high fiber muffins, one piece of lowfat american cheese, one egg, and one egg white.)  She sent … Continue reading

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