Hang in there, God is near

The other day Diane and I went to Walmart. I was going past the greeting card section when it looked like I just missed a confetti parade. If I did not know better, I would have thought something wonderful had happened there. However, I know better. I know someone had done something they should not have done. Someone opened something they had not purchased and spread it around on the floor, basically stealing and littering.

Many people obviously do not like Walmart for different reasons. Some people only go there when they have to. Others do not go there at all. Sometimes it seems like mischievous people walk through the store picking up one item carrying it to another department and laying it down and picking up and item there and carrying it to another, and they just keep going to cause Walmart trouble.

Today, I do not need to remind you that there is an enemy of God who keeps going around causing trouble for God’s people. And for reasons I do not understand, God keeps letting him. Sometimes it even looks like the enemy is winning. Yet, I know how it ends. God wins. God’s people win. And God has His own ways and His own reasons to let the enemy go on for now.

What you may or may not see in the picture is in the upper right corner there is a guy with a four foot dust mop. He is coming down the aisle to clean up the mess. That’s a parable of our God. However we mess up, however we sabotage our own lives, however the enemy of God attacks us or our family, God is never far away. He is always willing to pick us up, wipe our face, dry our tears, put His arm around us, and one day… one day He will set things right. Until then, we just keep going… reminding ourselves once in a while how it all ends. Something wonderful does happen. I hope for my Diane’s sake there is confetti. She loves spinkles, sparkles, and confetti.





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1 Response to Hang in there, God is near

  1. Holly Robinette Lee says:

    Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragements. I appreciate you.

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