Sometimes you have to hit “refresh”

I made some minor changes on the church web site ( and then went and looked at the changes and they weren’t there.  I paused.  Should I go back and check my work?  It took me just a second to realize that the changes WERE there, I just had to hit the refresh button on my browser (that’s the thing you click on to get on the internet).  The computer has this ability to “remember” things like web pages that we have visited before so the page loads faster.  What the computer doesn’t realize is sometimes there is a change.  Now while there are some web pages like that are programmed to automatically refresh every so many minutes, most aren’t.  If we want to see the latest, “freshest” version of the page, we have to consciously refresh the page.

Can you see how our lives may occasionally be like that?  We do things the way we’ve always done them out of habit, because that’s what we know.  That’s what’s programmed and stored in our being.  When Christ comes into our lives, He re-programs us, but we have to hit refresh.  Some of us may have to go further to re-boot, and others may have to take such a drastic move as to re-format (which is completely wiping out everything and starting over.)   No fears, when Christ changes you, the new you IS there, but sometimes you have to remember to refresh or the old you will keep popping up.

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1 Response to Sometimes you have to hit “refresh”

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    I relly like your site, you have a gift. I am glad you found me, may God continue to bless you with knowledge and understanding of His Word.-WATW

    PS, I missed finding a subscribe option..bummer, hope next time maybe I’ll find one, for now, I guess I’ll just click follow…thanks 🙂

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