Appreciating today

I remember an episode of the Cosby Show when Clair was overlooking her 24th wedding anniversary.  It was the day before their 24th and she was making a big deal and big plans for the 25th.  Cliff (Bill Cosby) was pointing out to her that the 24th was being overlooked.  In a sense, she wasn’t appreciating today.

I can’t wait until March when Diane, Adam, and I go to Haiti.  If it’s all I think about, looking toward the future can rob me of great possibilities and opportunities today.

I’m working with a pastor friend on a sermon for this week about having faith in different ages/stages in our lives.  I believe the key to every age/stage is to appreciate today.  First, it’s cliche to say, but oh so true that today is the only day we’re guaranteed.  But more than that, it seems like we always look back more fondly on the past than what we looked upon them at the time.  Do you follow?  It’s like childbirth.  From what I can tell, when mothers talk about giving birth to a child, they don’t talk about the pain (they may talk about 23 hours of labor), but they talk about holding that new baby.

I think the key to our lives as Christians is appreciating today.

The sooner in life we can realize that every age/stage of life CAN BE a time that one day we will be able to look back with good memories about a.) how Jesus was there with us, enjoying the good times with us and b.) crying with us over and getting us through the bad times, then the sooner we can begin to appreciate today, wherever we are in our Christian journey in this life.

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