Made for a purpose

coffee potNearly every morning I fill a pitcher that came with the Bunn coffee maker.  I carry it from the kitchen and pour it in the coffee maker near my office to make coffee.  It has a line molded into it so I know to fill it to that line so the coffee pot won’t overflow when the water runs through the coffee maker.  That is the purpose of this pitcher.  From the molded in line to the way it forms a spout so the water will easily pour into the coffee maker, everything about it was made for this purpose.  If I set it on the burner of the coffee maker, it would melt.  That’s not its purpose.  As I look around this morning I see item after item, thing after thing, that has been made for a purpose.

You and I have been created for a purpose.  1 Corinthians 6:20 says, “For you were bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s…”  There you have it.  Your purpose is to glorify God.  You don’t have to buy a book, go seek a spiritual guide on a faraway mountain, or search your whole life for a purpose.  You were created to bring glory to the One who created you.  The thing you must decide is how you will do that.

One way Carrie Roush is doing it is by being a long term missionary in Haiti.  Lew & Vicky Nazarewycz do it by running our parish food pantry.  Beth Foreman does it by leading a Good News Bible Club after school at New Haven Elementary.  Mary Thabet does it by forcing her 90+ year old body out of bed on Sunday mornings, getting someone to give her a ride, and risking a fall as she clings to a walker getting to her pew for church.  Ralph Ross does it on a motorcycle and through visiting prisons.  Coach Dave Barr does it around high school sports.

You were created to glorify God.  The ways each of us will do that are as varied as each of us.  How will you glorify God today?  That’s your purpose.

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