Can’t wait to go have my heart broken

My wife Diane, our son Adam, and I are going to Haiti at the end of next week.  Our trip is being facilitated by Todd Lugli and Happy Kids, International.  We are going to encourage our friend and long-term missionary Carrie Roush and to experience a snippet of her life in Haiti.  Our lives will change in our short time in Haiti.  The greatest thing about mission trips is not what you do, but how they change you.  I’m sure our hearts will be broken by what we see and hear.

Todd and Carrie have plans for us to build a chicken coop, feed prisoners at a Haitian prison, visit 133 children at an orphanage, hand out food, and so much more.  I’m so looking forward to meeting some of the people Carrie loves.  I want to share Carrie’s most recent blog post with you.  Please read it and pray for her and for the people there.  (We are taking as much chewable children’s Tylenol with us as we can carry if you care to get some to us.)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Cross

I’m overwhelmed by the number of children in our program that our sick. Yesterday when we had our hotdog cookout I had kids pulling on the back of my shirt saying, “Ms Carrie, mwen malad. Mwen malad” (I’m sick, I’m sick) They have fevers and skin rashes and stomach aches. One little girl living beside me has a deformity that makes her walk on the sides of her feet. It looks painful. I don’t even know how a doctor can correct that but they must be able to because I never see children like that in America. I look around me and see a hundred little tired faces with yellow hair because malnutrition robs you of even your hair color.
I get emails and Facebook messages from people everyday telling me what a good job I’m doing and how much I’m changing lives. Thats hard to believe, though. When I hold a baby thats covered head to toe in a rash and the mother tells me he can’t sleep at night because the itching is so intense I’m helpless.  I pray the well will be dug quickly. I pray that we can start a consistent feeding program soon. Mostly, I pray that something so simple as clean water and food will heal my children.

I hate focusing on the problem. When I write my blog I always try to talk about the joys of living in the mission field. There are so many wonderful things about this country, but some days I wake up with a heavy heart that I just can’t seem to shake.

When I am forced to walk away from a sick child without being able to provide the appropriate medicines I close my eyes and think of the cross. How can he forgive us for what we’ve done to each other? We live in a world where children die from lack of food and others die from obesity. Where scientist have created medicines to cure anything from cancer to depression but these people are still dying from diarrhea. Seeing the world this way makes the cross that much more beautiful. He died for us. All of us, as a whole. We have messed this world up to the point that it maybe beyond repair and he knew that was going to happen. But, still he went…….

How could I ever give up when I know that he didn’t.

Posted by Carrie Roush at 4:44 AM

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