Everything we need

I am sure by now that faithful readers of my blog know I run ambulance calls with the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company. Over the last 8 years I went from chaplain to ambulance driver to EMT. Short Gap VFC medical chief Lauren Trenter Simpson constantly worries about all of us running Covid-19 calls. Really, she worries about every call because we never know. We sometimes get calls for one thing that in the end winds up being a positive Covid. I keep telling her that if anyone who runs the ambulance gets Covid-19, it will not be her fault. The leadership at our station has given us all the training and supplies we need. They are constantly upgrading our equipment and safety protocols. We have had a sanitizer sprayer from the beginning, but Luke Harrison recently installed germ killing UV-C lights in the back of the ambulances. He also installed UV-C air filtration systems in both ambulances. The fire company bought a P 100 respirator for every call running member. Fire chief Colby Simpson just put out a memo reminding those who ride on the fire trucks they must wear a respirator to and from the scene on the fire trucks and our standard practice is we should protect ourselves from each other at the station. I could go on about president Terry Feaster’s aged wisdom 😉 in leading, and EMS officers Renee Douthitt’s training and Brenda Long’s work behind the scenes. We have been given everything we need.

As I have thought about this idea of having everything we need at the Short Gap VFC, my pastor side immediately picks up on a Biblical lesson here. I went through 38 years of life thinking I was a good person and that was good enough to get me to heaven. Looking back on my life, I was really not as good as I thought I was at the time. Now I realize that God had provided me everything I needed. The devil was the one keeping me convinced that my ways were good enough. All the while, God was beckoning me to turn to Him. I came to realize there is only one way to be made right with God – one way to heaven. It was not through my own goodness, but through His. He has given us everything we need to be reconciled to Him – to be made right with Him. The only thing we need is Jesus. What He did on the cross will provide us the pardon we need to be made right with God. If you will humble yourself, tell Him you believe Jesus died for you, confess your sin to Him, and receive the forgiveness He offers through Jesus, you will be saved. He has provided you everything you need. Perhaps today’s blog post is the last piece of the puzzle. What are you waiting for?

I am thankful for the fire company that has provided all we need for my protection here. And I am thankful for God that He has provided what we need for our protection in eternity.

You can click here if you want to be led step by step to receive Jesus as your Savior.





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